e+i Alliance

e+i Alliance is an alliance for entrepreneurship + innovation that connects people and countries through standardized initiatives, language and processes.

There is a global boom in entrepreneurship with thousands of organizations offering support to entrepreneurs in different ways, all using different methodologies, processes and even different language. The entrepreneurship ecosystem is plagued with a lot of redundancy and inefficiency. The conditions are just right for a generic branded alliance and operating system that form the basis for creating standardized language and processes around entrepreneurship and innovation. This operating system of unifying core standards could also organize and stimulate ecosystem building activities across cities, countries and regions.

e+i Alliance

The e+i Alliance consists of the following initiatives:

e+i Alliance (eialliance.org) : National level alliances formed by key ecosystem players who build the core e+i standards.

e+i Hub (eihub.org) : Physical spaces or co-working spaces that join the e+i movement and agree to implement the core e+i standards.

e+i School (eischool.org) : Academic institutions or other kinds of organizations providing entrepreneurship education that join the e+i movement and agree to cover the core standards in their courses, innovate around them and also add new content.

e+i Cell (eicell.org) : Academic institutions, universities and business schools could create an e+i Club or e+i Cell to bring together their students who are enthusiastic about pursuing entrepreneurship. All e+i Clubs or Cells connect to form a huge community of students who share common interests around entrepreneurship and innovation.

e+i Forum (eiforum.org) : e+i Alliance partners organize e+i Forums focused on different themes and verticals.

e+i Week (eiweek.org) : When and how to celebrate entrepreneurship should be decided on an institutional or city level by each institution or city. Let’s democratize the celebration of entrepreneurship and let each institution or each city decide when they would like to celebrate their own e+i Week.

e+i Awards (eiawards.org) : Awards in different categories as part of the e+i Week once a year.

e+i Alliance is still in the conceptualization phase. We are looking for partners and co-creators to mature the idea, validate assumptions, build MVPs and run pilot tests.

Please fill up the contact form below to express your interest in partnering or collaborating. We promise to reply everyone who gets in touch.


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